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Freshara is the biggest exporter of processed gherkins and other food products. On upholding the greatest quality standards in sourcing, production and transportation, we cater to the needs of around 50+ countries.


Freshara brings you the best grade jalapeno pepper to worldwide customers. They are sourced from the farm and they can be eaten as such or in pickled and cooked forms. These types of jalapenos are natively pickled and give a very distinctive flavour. It has a stronger pepper flavour in them and they are acidic. Now experience the delightful, vibrancy and flavourful seasoning while savouring the taste of your favourite foods



Perfect appetizer for any occasion. The flavours like acidic and spices from chile give the pickle an exceptional flavour. These vibrant and savoury banderillas are the best party-time snack. Freshara has successfully blended tradition to bring elite products to the market.”

Baby corns

Baby corn is a delightful and nutritious foodstuff. We are proficient in providing healthy and great-tasting baby corn. To meet the several needs of customers, the baby corn is packed and cured in vinegar and acetic acid. This beloved product is very prevalent in Chinese cuisines/ Thai cuisines.


Chillies belong to the capsicum family, they are picked with caution, also they were developed and cured organically. We deal with hand-picked and elite-quality chillies. To maintain the original flavour, juiciness and fragrance of chillies, we ensure that they are packed in hygienic conditions. We distribute them in several sizes of packages.

Silver Skin Onions

These delicious made and perfectly prepared silver onion pickles are preserved in a broad range of vinegar and it remains the best addition to cured meats, sandwich stuffing, burger, pasta and pizza. Our product suits the customer’s demands. We do a proper inspection of products by utilizing a variety of hygienic practices and dietary criteria.

Cherry Tomatoes

The round and uniformly sized cherry tomatoes have a superb flavour and exhibit a delicious taste. It’s famous on a global level. They are tastier and sweeter than other tomatoes. It is best sized and carefully harvested to retain the freshness and taste of tomatoes.

Gherkins with Tomato

Gherkins with tomatoes

Gherkins and tomatoes go well together when pickled. You would detect the distinctive flavours of garlic, dill and fresh veggies. As an outcome, you would have a fantastic product to savour along with sandwiches, snacks and the best accompaniment to your favourite items on the menu.

Red Bell Peppers

We bring you the real spicy taste of pickled bell pepper which is a visual retreat with yellow, red and green couloured bell peppers or capsicum. You could taste this pickle fading on your lips together with the blend of spices and oils. They were made with genuine indian methods and from farm fresh organic ingredients. We assure that you get a classic flavour with our yummy pickled bell peppers.


The finest carrots were used to make carrot pickle which is an exotic side dish that goes well with your desired meals. Fresharausese age-old recipes that have been passed down through the years. These delicious treats will make your taste buds feel the taste. Delivering the highest quality selection of carrot pickles is something we continue to pursue. These nutritious pickles can be added to salads, sandwiches, rolls and other dishes to give a vivid colour with a robust taste

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