Pickled Banderillas


Banderillas also called pinchos de encurtidos, are cold tapas made from small food items pickled in vinegar and skewered together. They are also known as gildas or piparras and consist of pickled items, like olives, baby onions, baby cucumbers, chiles (guindilla) with pieces of pepper and other vegetables. Sometimes they include an anchovy.



Fresh, accurate and equally made pickled Banderillas


Firm, Crispy and Yummy


Sweet and sour

Cans (ml)

500, 850, 3100 and 5000 ml

Banderillas Variants

Spicy Banderillas
Banderillas in Acetic Acid
Banderillas in Natural Vinegar

Our Packaging

Drums of HDPE Food Grade – 240/260 Ltrs
Pails/Buckets 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 – Ltrs

Jars (ml)

370, 500, 720, 1000, 1415 and 2000 ml

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Frequently asked questions ?

Fresh banderillas are made from a variety of pickled vegetables and have a firm and crispy texture. They are made accurately and equally. 

Banderillas have a sweet and sour taste. 

Yes, there are three main types of banderillas: spicy banderillas, banderillas in acetic acid, and banderillas in natural vinegar. 

Banderillas are available in several packaging options, including drums of HDPE food grade (240/260 liters), pails or buckets (5, 7.5, 10, 15, or 20 liters), jars (370, 500, 720, 1000, 1415, or 2000 ml), and cans (500, 850, 3100, or 5000 ml). 


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