An exceptional and remarkable businessperson who exports gherkins.

A pickle is traversing the globe, aided by an optimistic Chennai entrepreneur!

 “Regardless of the advancements in time and technology, the food production industry remains at the forefront, providing sustenance on a global scale. Recognizing the untapped potential and embracing innovation, numerous enterprises within this sector are achieving remarkable success, combining tradition with modernity.”

 In that category, Thirupathur district-based Freshara Picklz company excels in innovative methods of pickle preparation. They skillfully create pickles using vegetables like gherkin, jalapeno, and chili, ensuring high quality. Junaid Ahmed, the company’s proprietor, combines his international education and business opportunities to effectively contribute to this food industry. He has gained experience both abroad and locally, making him well-equipped to capitalize on global market trends and opportunities in the culinary sector.