Our journey with sustainable farming

Freshara Picklz is one of the leading producers & exporters of Gherkins & other products from India. With endless efforts and growing years of experience in the most popular & challenging agro food industry of today, WE-The Team at Freshara Picklz has strived hard to keep up the company’s objective of being the preferred supplier of high quality preserved gherkins and allied products to major manufacturers.

We have 4000+ Contract Farmers

We have our own farming practices

Exported 10+ products over 50+countries

We have our own facilities

Hand Picked

Approved pesticides

Safe Food

The fully equipped Freshara Picklz – processing plants ensures highly hygienic and efficient work atmosphere. Our quality teams supervise and ensure continual quality monitoring throughout the process. They are supported by a full-fledged laboratory.

We have manufacturing process

We hand pick fresh gherkins from some of the best farms and clean them thoroughly. The pickling ingredients are then mixed in the right proportions in a hygienic atmosphere and we pack them in good grade barrels, pails and bins.

Quality and hygiene, are not only tastes delectable, but also measures to the highest quality levels.

Our Successful Stories

Freshara has established itself in the market by integrating and harmonizing modernity with heritage. We have been adhering to and maintaining the standards for producing our products using traditional methods of production merged with substantial magnitudes of the much demanding desires for several years.

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