Pickled Chillies


Hand-picked and elite-quality chillies are packed with scientifically proven methods to maintain the original flavour, juiciness and spice. We pack and distribute them in several size of packages.



Fresh, accurate and equally sized chillies


Crispy and Spicy


Green/ Red


Mild and Spicy

Cans (ml)

500, 850, 3100 and 5000 ml

Jars (ml)

370, 500, 720, 1000, 1415 and 2000 ml

Chillies Variants

Chillies in Acetic Acid
Chillies in Natural Vinegar

We Do

Whole chillies with different sizes
Peri-Peri, Red Chilli, Green Chilli

Length Of Chillies (Cms)

4 to 7
6 to 9
9 to 12

Our Packaging

Drums of HDPE Food Grade – 240/260 Ltrs
Pails/Buckets 5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20 – Ltrs

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Frequently asked questions ?

Fresh chillies are usually green or red in color and have a crispy texture. They are hand-picked and of elite quality. 

Chillies can range in taste from mild to very spicy. 

Yes, there are two main types of chillies: chillies in acetic acid and chillies in natural vinegar.  

We also offer a variety of chilli types including peri-peri, red chili, and green chili. 

Chillies are available in several sizes, including 4 to 7 cm, 6 to 9 cm, and 9 to 12 cm. 

Chillies are available in several packaging options, including drums of HDPE food grade (240/260 liters), pails or buckets (5, 7.5, 10, 15, or 20 liters), jars (370, 500, 720, 1000, 1415, or 2000 ml), and cans (500, 850, 3100, or 5000 ml). The packaging is done using scientifically proven methods to maintain the original flavor, juiciness, and spice of the chillies. 

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